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The absence of a wedding planner is the equivalent of Bonnie minus the Clyde, Spice Girls without the girl power, Beyonce without the sass, champagne without the oysters…you get my point. Simply put, you can’t have a wedding without some degree of input from a wedding planner.

Wedding planners have become a crucial element when it comes to wedding planning and as a bride-to-be, you’re likely already aware about the pros of working with a professional wedding planner. However, there’s lot of perks about hiring a wedding planner that many couples don’t know about. Here I breakdown the advantages of hiring a wedding planner that should help with your decision making.

What does a wedding planner actually do?

What does a wedding planner do?

As a UK wedding planner, my role is to assist my clients in planning their entire wedding. Hiring a wedding planner would cover tasks such as wedding logistics, negotiating vendor contracts and ensuring your day runs smoothly as possible. These are just some of the advantages of hiring a wedding planner.

Not every couple will want or need a wedding planning to support with their entire wedding. In light of that, wedding planners like myself will offer varying services, tailored to different support requirements.

Is there an option to make wedding planning more affordable?

Absolutely. I offer virtual wedding planning, ad-hoc online consultations for those that want to plan the party themselves but need expert wedding planner along the way. This service allows you to book time with me as and when you need the support, miming me for information on particular focus areas that you need expert help with.

I also offer full wedding planning, destination wedding experiences and on the day management.

What are the key advantages of hiring a wedding planner?

Here I breakdown the advantages…

You will stress-less, leaving more time for the important things

My couples tend to be those in full time work, they lead busy and hectic lifestyles and don’t have the time or the headspace to take on the mammoth task of planning a wedding. It’s pretty much a full time job with an average wedding taking a minimum of 250 hours to plan!

If you’re thinking of taking on the task of a wedding planner yourself then you need be mindful and realistic about the task ahead of you – can you realistically find 250 hours to invest in this?  

I often encourage my couples to ensure they enjoy and soak up the moment of being engaged. More often than not, some couples get so swept up with the wedding planning, they forget to take a minute to enjoy the engagement.

UK & global virtual wedding planning services

The build-up to saying I do is one of THE most amazing experiences – the engagement shoot, engagement celebration, dress and ring shopping etc. – it’s all of these important milestones that you’ll get to experience to the full rather than it becoming a box ticking exercise amongst a never-ending list of other wedding planning jobs to do.

It will save you time and money in the long run

You might think planning a wedding is a walk in the park. How hard can it be right? Wrong. It’s madness to approach wedding planning with this mindset. If you don’t have the knowledge or expertise of that of a wedding planner then you’ll be blind to the questions you need to be asking and you run the risk of overlooking something at some point in the planning stage. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of free information available online but every couple and wedding is different and you must be aware that it’s not a one size fits all approach.

What does a wedding planner do?

I’ll give you one example. A newlywed couple I know through a mutual friend told me about their frustrations when they were faced with an additional bill they hadn’t accounted for. Unbeknown to them, they had assumed that the caterer would take ownership of wine service during the wedding breakfast only to find out (on the day) this wasn’t part of their scope nor was it written into the contracts. I hear of this happening a lot which isn’t surprising when there is no expert intermediary to play the middle man.

Think of it this way. Would you try and fix a broken boiler? Become a mortgage broker to re-mortgage your house, treat a medical issue? Undoubtably the answer is no to these things because they require a specialist expert with a set of skills that act on your behalf to make it happen.

Don’t cut corners just because you think it’s as simple as organising a get together. If you can’t cover the cost of a wedding planner for the entire event then draw up a list of the elements you’re really unsure about and work with a planner that offers ad-hoc planning support options.     

It’s like the ultimate VIP package – getting you exclusive and invaluable access to a wealth of expert knowledge

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I pride myself on building and nurturing supplier relationships with those I know and trust to deliver a level of service that is aligned to my clients expectations. It’s these relationships that have been formed over time that allow wedding planners like me to get my clients the best possible price and service.

Working with a wedding planner allows you to unlock years’ of expertise which in turn will elevate your wedding to the next level, making it a truly unforgettable wedding experience.

A truly transformational experience  

Modern wedding style inspiration

Some couples might find it challenging to express their visualisation, not knowing how to bring their dream vision to life. Like me, a wedding planner will likely also offer design and styling services, working with you to create a bespoke and unique aesthetic that runs through every element of your day from the invites to the flowers.

Not to mention, a wedding planner will deliver if not get as close to making your DREAM wedding come true!

Someone else plays bad copy on your behalf  

UK & global virtual wedding planning services

It’s not easy having difficult conversations but the great thing about a wedding planner is they’ll play bad cop on your behalf. As I’ve mentioned previously, a planner works tirelessly on your behalf to create the wedding of your dreams, we know how and what to do if we’re experiencing challenges with certain elements of the day.

Your temporary non-judgy bestie

UK & global virtual wedding planning services

Imagine, another bestie that is completely supportive but non-judgy. There are so many important decisions to make for a wedding and sometimes couples can be under pressure from family and friends who often make their own demands, especially from those that want a more traditional day.   

This is where a wedding planner is invaluable, we understand the challenges and the sometimes difficult decisions you need to make. We’ll listen, support you and offer solutions and ideas on how to find the right balance. We’re in your corner.

Not necessarily the YES woman

Modern wedding planning ideas

I pride myself on being transparent with my clients because trust is one of the most important aspects of any working relationship. I’m not going to be your YES woman because leading you up a garden path would be wrong! Yes I will do everything in my power to try and make every vision on your wish list come to life but some things might not be realistic and I’ll be honest about that.

What is the typical cost of hiring a wedding planner?

The cost of hiring a wedding planner varies and is dependent on so many factors such as size of wedding, duration in terms of one day versus two, what support you require in terms of full planning versus on the day etc.

There’s also a lot of planners who are wrongly under costing their fee and in turn de-valuing the industry.

Minimum prices will start from £4k+ for full planning but good and respected wedding planners tend to charge a percentage of your overall budget with minimum fees applied.

I hope the overview of just some of the advantages of hiring a wedding planner has helped paint a clearer picture of how invaluable a wedding planner is.  Good luck with your decision making and please do set up a complimentary chat with me if you’d like to talk about a bespoke package that might not be listed on my services page.   

Sophie x

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