According to Vogue, this year’s biggest wedding trend will be ‘individuality’. For me, this isn’t an aesthetic that goes in and out of style – individuality is at the heart of everything I do.

I specialise in planning unique, unconventional weddings with a sophisticated edge, working with free-spirited, contemporary couples who love an adventure. Whether they see themselves getting married barefoot on the beach or within the grounds of a grand country house, the common thread tying all my clients together is their desire to do things differently.  

What is an Unconventional Wedding?

Planning an unconventional wedding is about refusing to do things by the book. It’s about shrugging off tradition and breaking rules. It’s skipping the cutting of the cake, passing on the confetti, and doing your first dance before the main meal if that’s what you want.

It’s spreading the celebration across an entire weekend, prolonging the party and inviting guests to multiple events. It’s choosing an unusual venue or a far-flung destination off the beaten track. It’s treating your guests to an experience they’ll never forget.  

After all, if you’re used to marching to the beat of your own drum, you won’t want a cookie-cutter wedding. You’ll want a celebration that reflects everything you are when you’re together – crazy in love and wild at heart.

Why Do I Love Planning Them?

I love encouraging couples to dream big and embrace their personal style – however unconventional it may be!  

I recently worked with Amelia and Javi to plan their destination wedding in Cadiz, Spain. Both talented designers with a strong sense of style, they were inspired by a supercool blend of retro Miami Beach vibes and 90s nostalgia. As unusual as it sounds, this creative brief was a dream to work on.

Together, we opted for a pastel colour palette paired with painted palms and pineapples. Pink glassware and gold cutlery kept the quirky décor looking luxe. Guests were asked to attend wearing pastel colours and instead of a traditional guest book we tied hundreds of coloured ribbons to a tree. Friends and family could attach messages on postcards designed by the bride.   

Amelia and Javi are a perfect example of a couple who weren’t afraid to plan the wedding they wanted, staying true to who they are and what they love.

If your wedding day is an opportunity to celebrate your love for each other in front of all your favourite people, why compromise? I firmly believe it’s OK to mix things up and do things differently while saying, ‘I do’.   

Sophie x